Free online SVG Converter that converts raster to vector

SVG Converter is a free online vectorizer to convert your raster images, PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, AVIF, PDF to vector graphics, SVG, AI, EPS, PDF. It generates high-quality, full-color vectors without losing details, making it best free online image tracer. Upload, convert, download & enjoy it for free.

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Wide Range of Applications











Drawings, Sketches, Cartoons

  • Instantly redraw your old-school drawings, diagrams, and anime characters
  • Recreate and refine your creation with SVG Converter's powerful, superfast processing algorithms
  • Digitize scanned sketches with the help of grayscale filter
Drawings, Sketches, Cartoons before Drawings, Sketches, Cartoons after

Photos, Portraits, Landscape

  • Add artistic effects to your photos, snapshots, and portraits
  • Effortlessly convert your raster images to creative vector graphics with SVG Converter's advanced image tracer
  • Preserve pixel-level details in your images
Photos, Portraits, Landscapebefore Photos, Portraits, Landscape after

Signature, Maps, Graphs

  • Vectorize signatures, charts, and maps to a specified number of colors
  • Automatically minimize artifacts, errors, and noises from your bitmaps
  • Adjust colors in results by creating custom color palette with no editing or illustration skills
Signature, Maps, Graphs before Signature, Maps, Graphs after

Logos, Designs, Prints

  • Upscale and digitize your logos, graphic designs, and pre-print materials
  • Improve and enhance low quality scanned pictures to clear, smooth media
  • Turn your designs to high-resolution scalable vector graphics ready for printing, embroidering and commercial purposes
Logos, Designs, Prints before Logos, Designs, Prints after

Arts, Paintings, Crafts

  • Rejuvenate your arts, frames, and canvas
  • Process and reproduce your artworks with edge-to-edge accuracy
  • Convert your compositions, from oil paintings to digital art, into more a flexible, scalable format that looks consistent on all displays and contexts
Arts, Paintings, Crafts before Arts, Paintings, Crafts after

Many Useful Features

With amazing features, convert your raster to vector in a few clicks

Super Fast Vectorizer

Super Fast Vectorizer

Quickly process and generate vector in a few seconds

Pixel Precision

Pixel Precision

Adjust pixel level detailing in the output vectorized image

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Enhanced and polished user interface allows users to quickly vectorize image

Several Export Options

Several Export Options

Convert to multiple vector formats (SVG, AI, PDF, and EPS)

Input File Formats

Input File Formats

Works with PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WEBP, PDF with transparency

Unlimited Colors

Unlimited Colors

Generate full-color vector graphics with more than 512 colors

Custom Palette

Custom Palette

Create and/or pick custom color palette to readjust the colors



Generate multi-layered (stack) and edge-to-edge (unstack) vectors

Tweak Vector

Tweak Vector

Review, edit, connect delete, elements in easy-to-use editor

Auto-trace your images to full-color vectors for your personal and business needs

before Auto-trace after Auto-trace
Fully Automatic Fully Automatic AI Tracer AI Tracer Transparency Transparency Advanced Controls Advanced Controls

SVG Converter Toolbox

With SVG Converter, you will have access to numerous functionalities

Web platform Chrome, Safari, Edge, FireFox, and more
Input raster image support PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, WEBP, TIFF, PDF, and more
Output vector image support SVG, AI, PDF, and EPS
Pixel-Precision Control pixel-level details with detailing option
Number of colors Full colors (512+) vector image
Transparency Turn transparency on/off in output vector
Color profile Color, grayscale, and Black & white
Color Palette Generate and customize color palette up to 512+ colors
Multi-layering Produce layered (stack) and unlayered (unstack) vector image
Tweak vector Change, Merge, or modify vector elements in image anytime
Smoothness Control how well curves are fitted in vector with smoothness and curve fitting
No white lines Remove white lines causes due to rendering

Words From Users

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Easy online SVG convert which is what we need for our laser software
Graphic Designer
The free version that produces SVG vector images is better than many paid vectorizing tools
Quick Conversion from Bitmap files to vector files
Amazing online tool to vectorise graphics fast
Head of Marketing
I really enjoy the simplicity of it.
User from Photography
Best free software for vectorizer different images
Graphic Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Brief answers to some of the common questions asked by our users

What is SVG Converter?

SVG Converter is a free online tool that converts all your raster images to vector graphics for free.

How is SVG Converter compared to other vectorizers?

SVG Converter outshines almost all vectorizers on the internet and traditional vector software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw) in terms of the vector quality, speed of vectorization, availability, and features it offers.

How to vectorize my raster images?

You do not need any technical skills to vectorize images with SVG Converter. Just upload the bitmap image and a few clicks here and there. And done!

What image file format SVG Converter supports?


What vector file format SVSStorm supports?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (Portable Document Format), and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

How to convert PNG to SVG online for free?

Launch the online app, upload your PNG image file and click the vectorize button. That's it.

How to convert JPG/JPEG to AI online?

Go to the online app, load your JPG/JPEG file and select vector file format as AI and click the vectorize button.